Cannot Remember

I cannot remember myself, sometimes I look at the man in the mirror, not familiar any more. This man, has been laughing without constrains and spreading tears onto the ground, has been betrayed by his closed friend, and understand what “real contempt” is. This man, is smoothing his sword, and is hoping that he still remembers it; this man, is getting known some trial things, from what they call “transfer learning”, and is always fight inside his heart. This man, has so many dreams, and also know that only dream is daydream. Can this man stand up?! And let you know who he is, let you see his true character, though still in low standing. You can say millions of time that you are nothing but ton of shit, you are losing face to everybody, while inside you know that you are the most valuable and strongest one, if you want.

You can do anything, and it’s time.


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文字愈发黑暗,没办法不使用种种隐喻,但在她眼里,看不到我的需要,而是不舒服,所有都不舒服。我一个人发牢骚,我不想让人看到,除了能懂的人,却没有一个理解的人。 在她眼里,写好的,是自我炫耀显得自己牛叉,写不好的,是故意把自己写得很落魄,字里行间都是让人不舒服的情绪。




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meeting, getting CCR working, need to read lab_repo

Get CCR running in the early morning.

check out David fast kmeans and random forest




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Do not have time to read the whole book, but I  think I do need to watch the video and related pdf at least, it’s kind of urgent reading material considering my confusion in “uncertainty”.


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R_repo establish

Sometimes it’s easier to crash on something that you know you need to do or spend time on, while you cannot remember it when you have spare time or mood. R_repo is such a repository that contains random ideas, medias, sites, todos, etc that I need to archive.

Record should be date and topic based and completion notice should be added.




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多话时间在自己身上,打工终究是打工,在自己身上投入才是正道,prioritize everything,实验室应打工的地方,家里给自己的idea留有空间,旅途是应是开放与自省的。整个世界,既是田野地,也是训练场。






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some paper

A primal-dual algorithm for group sparse regularization with overlapping groups


Object decoding with attention in inferior temporal cortex


A Performance Evaluation of Local Descriptors


Understanding and evaluating blind deconvolution algorithms

Modeling Search for People in 900 Scenes: A combined source model of eye guidance

Estimating perception of scene layout properties from global image features

Analyzing human feature learning as nonparametric Bayesian inference

A Global Geometric Framework
for Nonlinear Dimensionality

What makes an image memorable?

Pictorial Structures Revisited: People Detection and Articulated Pose Estimation

Understanding and evaluating blind deconvolution algorithms

Perception of Face Parts and Face Configurations: An fMRI Study

From primal templates to invariant recognition(good)


Segmenting and Recognizing Human Action using Low-level Video Features


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