Review of following 2-3 weeks

In the following three weeks, I did normally did these things:

1. Caiming’s RF experiments on Corel dataset

2. PCA HW and some part of NS2 prj

3. prepare for the 2 exams

On average I may work 8-10 hours everyday for the following 3 weeks, stay late to 4am twice and stay all night twice.

I did pretty much on RF, fair on PCA hw, few on NS2 and very poor on mid-term. I have to stand all the negative comments and pressure, though I know I gonna conquer it later, if possible. The judgments of others, no matter without conscious or with intention, would not beat me as far as its property, but would do bother me.

What I should now face directly is the frustration from inner, the situation is not like lase semester, when I still can convince myself that I can make it if I really intend to. Now, there is some inner conflict in terms of whether or not, I can make it, considering the endeavor I have payed. I cannot convince myself I can definitely do it, I have to drag myself in the column of observation, to see, with more endeavor and devotion, can I do it.

I must prepare for the worst from now on, prepare for the abandon from people I who thought I am good, from people who I care, no matter how small the likelihood is.


As for the future

This weekend, is in emergency of finishing NS2 project, it is what I must do.

In the spring break, I will do the following:

1) Finish most of the experiments of RF, including comparison to DCA, ITML, etc

2) Start new experiments on Yale face dataset

3) Start Action Recognition project with Caiming, make the most of the help from Gang and Wei, in specific, I must extract all the method/formulation, result/dataset and graphs of literature from Gang. Discuss with Caiming about the formulation of the problem, before that I should have read 3-4 key papers ahead. Thirdly, get relevant code(data input, etc) from Chen Wei and discuss.

4)prepare for the Algorithm midterm, which I should definitely win cause it is really not a very complex one. Start early.

5) Project2 of Network, do a start

6) Grade HW6 of 191 and prepare for a large jump next week

7) HW3 of PR, no error permitted

Besides, I should focus on course study along with all these things, because I cannot just prepare for a week and meet the final, which will destroy me totally.

Some trivial things:

1) Driving permit

2) National Feul

3) B-mall to get enough clothes


Some regulations stressed

1) No web surfing during daytime, less than 10 min permitted each day

2) No need to eat/go home with home mates, it really costs a lot of time and has a dangerous potential that abuse me to these companion feeling. I should do lonely sometimes, just like in Tianjin, do all the things by myself and enjoy myself.

3) Communicate with Caiming, Gang, Wei, Shaoming intendedly.

4) Work harder, work wiser.

5) You are nothing, really nothing, so do everything




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