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SIFE is like high school thing……

I don’t know what leads me to the Jocob Building, and leads me to the seemingly locked door of 206, but I managed to do so, perhaps, with what I termed as “an open mind” yesterday during the dinner with ShiFei. Exactly, the open mind, and the confidence that opens the door, and introduces me to a perhaps new realm.

I don’t really intend to attend the interview and thus the association at the first sight, but when I found the attitude of the student, and thus his comment on SIFE, my first business step if any, I decided to attend the interview, whatever the result. SIFE is like high school thing? I am eager to find out, and I will see what you guys can get correspondingly. Is it a new start? Or just a short scenario in my life? I will see.



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some fun

See some interesting thing occasionally, really fun to me.

Perhaps SVM is not some thing that matters to my daily life, or have huge influence to my current research, but I still feel exciting when I see the pic from the blog of Freemind.

The research dose not that matter, the mood matters. Like what Corso says, you gonna love it, or you gonna leave it. When you wake up in the morning, you should feel like winning the Nobel Prize, do something that means something to you.

I like such free mind, and thus free action. It is not like you have to be somebody, or some pattern of person. Even it is something sounds so nice, or respectful, do you really like it?? Yes, life balance looks like kind of good pattern, especially to people with esteemed professional career and thus top salary, but do you really like it? The balanced life means you have to be diversity, you have to sacrifice(or release from) your work, but does it really bring you what you want? You are a geek, focuses on coding or some other small things, even you finally become CTO, do you really need that much networking or yatch? Do you really need to be like you can handle any job, in any situation?

Anyway, I love this pic, it recovers something from heart in deep, no bios, no shy, no showoff, just yourself.

Ps: the picture is from here, believe it or not, the guy is also a songwriter and singer.


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